What is Blipoint Market?

Blipoint Market is a free images buy and sell platform for Blipoint users and agencies. Directly and without intermediaries.

Who can use it?

The market is open to all types of agencies or companies that need photos for their advertising campaigns, Social Networks, internal publications or presentations.


Make money with your top Photos.


  • 1.

    Create your Blipoint account.

  • 2.

    Explore what images are the agencies looking for.

  • 3.

    Send your best pictures.

  • 4.

    Upload pictures from your mobile phone or from your Blipoint portfolio.

  • 5.

    Manage the payment directly with the buyer.


Buy images in a different way.


  • 1. Order the images that you need in Blipoint Market.

  • 2. Set the maximum price you are willing to pay for each photo.

  • 3. Receive pictures from the photographers.

  • 4. Manage the payment directly with the seller.

Free photos

Discover the free photos offered by Blipoint Market and if they fit with your project, download them directly from the page.

They have already discovered

the advantages of Blipoint Market

"Blipoint Market nos da la oportunidad de tener las imágenes que necesitamos en cada momento, directamente de sus autores y sin costes de intermediarios"

Laura Crespo, Agencia

"Hace años que hago fotos y gracias a Blipoint Market he conseguido que mi pasión se convierta también en una actividad remunerada"

Alejandra López, usuario de Blipoint